Saturday, November 18, 2006

From: Thewindisalady on Live Journal

I’m heavily involved with Sarasota Food Not Bombs, and Sarasota homeless rights. Sarasota Food Not Bombs distributes food weekly at a park in downtown Sarasota. The people doing homeless rights work are directly organizing with homeless people, students and community members to plan demonstrations, teach-ins and work on getting the anti-lodging ordinance thrown out. I think it’s really important for New College students to get out more and get involved with the community. I really enjoy organizing with the homeless because they are such a dynamic group of people. People often overlook the problems in the Sarasota community at large because New College is very insular and pretty utopian compared to other places. There are many battles to be fought off campus including the fight against gentrification and unjust laws that target the homeless.

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