Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Just a thought . . .

The end of the 2006 hurricane season leaves lots of Floridians with unused supplies stored up in case of a major blow. The plywood and water can keep another year, but most people don't like to keep food, even nonperishables, around that long.

Here's a suggestion: Give that unused hurricane food to the food banks and soup kitchens that are desperately understocked as they head into the busiest season. Our Daily Bread, Meals on Wheels Plus and the Salvation Army are all low on supplies. The packaged tuna, beef, macaroni, beans and rice could help needy families avoid going hungry for a few days and could help feed the homeless who show up for a hot daily meal.

Plus, food donations to the needy would fulfill the spirit of the holiday season.

(a suggestion from the Bradenton Herald Saturday December 2, 2006)

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